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We sincerely hope this post finds you well. Whilst we remain open for business during Covid-19, our architectural team are working from home, and as designers and architects our thoughts are naturally turning to our personal spaces and how our homes work for us. We recognise that homes are much more than just buildings – they are a reflection of ourselves and our interests. A well-designed home can improve wellbeing, provide inspiration, stimulate productivity and bring peace.

We would like to invite you to consider your home and how it works for your lifestyle. We have collated some of our design ideas below for living spaces which could be transformative in your life.

Working from Home

Many of us are finding ourselves working from home. For those without dedicated study spaces or home offices, it can be challenging to find workable space. If working from home is causing you to reconsider your study space, have you thought about a new home office? We worked on this impressive extension to create a much needed designated home office and living space.

Thinking about an Extension?

You may be reconsidering whether your living, dining and kitchen spaces can be improved. Perhaps now is the time to realise that dream extension to provide open plan living with bi-fold doors. These projects often add considerable value to your home and will vastly improve your quality of life. We designed this Passivehaus extension to provide much needed additional living and garage space.

A Place for Granny

The need for isolation of the more vulnerable in our society may boost the desire for Granny Annexes attached to our homes. These often compact spaces do not have to feel small or cramped. A new-build annexe presents the opportunity to create a warm, inviting place for our loved ones to live near to us, in their own personal spaces. Thoughtful design and clever use of space can make an annexe a light, bright, and welcoming home.

Gym and Swim

With leisure facilities closed many will see the benefit of having a dedicated home gym. We recently designed the below concept for a Pool House with Granny Annexe. We think this is a great way of bringing a swimming pool to your property whilst making private space for guests and relatives to stay.

Considering a Self-Build?

If you feel that your current home is not fulfilling your needs, perhaps it is time to commission your own bespoke home. Self-build and custom homes are becoming more and more attractive prospects, with new National Planning Policies in place to support people wishing to build their own homes. Self-build mortgages are also becoming a more mainstream option and many contractors (such as our sister company Clayland Homes) will work with you to provide a specification to suit your needs, ranging from a serviced plot, building shell, or turn-key project.

We were commissioned for the design and build of the below new home at Richmond Road. By commissioning a bespoke build, our clients have achieved a wonderfully bright and airy living space with double height windows over an open void, maximising light and creating a wow-factor entertaining space.

Did you know, on average between 30 – 50 % of new homes in Europe are organised or built by Self-builders, whilst less than 10 % of new UK homes are Self-builds.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in seeing more of our ideas and would like to discuss your next project, our office is open for telephone calls, and staff working from home are contactable by email and phone. We would love to hear from you – see our Contact Us page for more details.