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Fees, Budgets & Contracts

As every project is unique we calculate our fees on a job by job basis. We always try to offer our services on a fee scale basis based on the total number of hours we believe it will take to do our work.

However some work is too complex or too open ended to justify a fixed fee in which case we offer an ongoing hourly rate which we feel is the most appropriate way to keep down our clients costs.

Budget is always at the forefront of any client’s mind and it is always useful to have an idea of what you are looking to spend on your project at the start. We can offer initial general advice on budgeting your design and are able to offer a full Quantity Surveying service if required from design stage through construction to completion.

Contracts can often seem a scary subject and private clients my feel unsure of what is in their best interest. The contract between yourself and your architect is there to not only protect your rights as a consumer but also to form the foundation of a strong design brief so that your architect can best serve your needs.


‘Architecture through Construction – Construction through Architecture’