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If you’ve ever tried to build a scheme from poor planning drawings you’ll know how important a good planning consent is and how expensive a poor one can be.

Our experience ensures that we can provide you with information and guidance to simplify this process and ensure that the maximum potential of your project is realized. We can find out in advance whether you might need a tree survey or an historic buildings report.

A full planning application generally involves surveying the site, production of contract and administration documents, retrieving site specific information from external sources, and of course sitting down with you and formulating a detail design brief. Once these have been done we are then able to start the process of design and the production of drawings.

We will organise all forms, certificates and written reports such as Conservation and Listed Building applications, Design and Access Statements and Vulnerable Development reports, as well as SAP/SBEM assessments, Secured By Design applications, and other third party consultations.

‘Architecture Through Construction – Construction through Architecture’