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 Wash Lane


Wash Lane – Replacement dwelling

We were approached by the client with a failed application for a replacement dwelling. A lot of work had been completed by the previous architect and the clients themselves, including negotiations after refusal for a modified scheme.

The planners were not confident in the modifications so we were approached to help change the designs to improve the style and appearance of the proposal.

Through continued investigation, discussion and design amendments, what began as a simple revision project, became an entirely new design, reducing the original 2-storey proposal to a 1 1/2-storey house.

The scheme progressed from the original post-modern style, through traditional approaches, to the final, contemporary, modern design. This modern theme and building layout was enhanced by the combined and careful use of traditional materials.

The building is a concrete panel and steel frame structure, and includes a large basement.

‘Architecture through Construction – Construction through Architecture’