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The Wildflowers


Designed for our sister company Clayland Estates, this is a development of 29 high-spec country homes and integrated rented accommodation.

From inception, right through to end use, we are the project architects for the entire scheme, working hand-in-hand with the construction arm of Clayland. This included master-planning, service designs, highways, site analysis and full design and drawing production.

With a reputation for high-quality homes, we pushed ourselves further in terms of house design, site layout and production quality. Very detailed analysis and design work was required to create a layout acceptable to highways, Local Authority and local housing needs, while facing the challenges of a site outside of the development boundary and local flooding problems. The proposal passed first time at development control committee, who commented that ‘they were the best designs that had ever been presented to them.’

‘It is one thing to comply with all consultees and another to appeal to the appetite and tastes of the local people, something which, I feel, Clayland Architects have helped us achieve.’

Client: Chris Tilley

‘Architecture through Construction – Construction through Architecture’