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 St Kilda’s


This was a new rear extension and internal renovation of a Grade II listed cottage. Originally built in the 1580s, extended a century later and then again in the Victorian period. The dwelling featured two ‘A’-frame constructed roofs with very low ceilings, two chimneys, three pitched dormer windows to the front and three flat roof dormer windows to the rear.

We surveyed the house and produced the planning and conservation drawings, as well as the building regulations drawings for the project.

A new larger flat roofed rear extension (to replace the existing) with a glazed lantern, extends the kitchen dining area while ensuring a large amount of light deep into the building. The rear flat roofed dormers were rebuilt to have pitched roofs to match the front and some interior alterations with wall positions improved the circulation space upstairs. Also the existing ceiling and supporting joists were removed and the original A frame opened up to full height with new insulation to the sloping soffit to improve the bedrooms.

‘Architecture through Construction – Construction through Architecture’