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Plough Boy Lane


Private House

The client approached us having bought a plot of land with outline permission for a smaller house with a different orientation and access. The project was to be a self build scheme with the client acting as project manager and Clay land Estates building the project.

We worked very closely with the client to create a highly detailed brief and to aid in the project management process so cost could be tightly controlled. The client had a number of requirements for the design including a large contemporary kitchen, play room, study, and an en-suite with a roof window to view the stars.

The house is an Arts and Crafts style, simple in form without superfluous decoration, emphasising the qualities of the materials used (“truth to material”) using rustic and robust detail and materials appropriate to the local area. The building uses lime render with traditional norfolk pan tiles and brick detailing.

The local authority praised the design and its contribution to the street scene with respect to the local character of the area.


‘Architecture Through Construction – Construction through Architecture’