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Pinewood House


Client wished to extend the existing 5 bed house out to the sides and the front to provide a ground floor bedroom and a new living room at the front of the house. Internal renovation included constitute the removal of internal walls to open up part of the kitchen and existing living room to create a larger dining area opening into the existing kitchen. This will create a more open plan central space to the house spanning from front to back, which the client felt would provide a better space for entertaining. The house would also be connected to the existing garage and a new open porch added to the entrance. This along with removing the current tile cladding and replacing with more traditional horizontal shiplap timber and replacement windows would give the house a facelift and make it more of a local vernacular feel.

The internal alterations would improve the over fussy circulation and make a more functional layout, while improving views and connection to the garden and tree lined vista of the main drive.

We were employed to provide a feasibility study for the house to look at various options and to advice the client on the best use of his budget, produce designs and submit for planning approval and then produce building regulations drawings and construction information. The client also asked us to help prepare a list of local builders suitable for the project.  The client’s budget of around £80k had to stretch a long way to extend , remodel, re-clad and improve the building overall.

‘Architecture through Construction – Construction through Architecture’