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 Castle Lane Garage


The client approached us with the brief to design a new garage/ workshop with rooms above, adjacent to the existing property (a listed, turn-of-the-century, arts and crafts style dwelling).

Upstairs serves as a an entertainment and relaxation space as well as an office. Downstairs is large garage and workshop to allow work on a collection of classic cars. The client envisaged this as a prestige space, like those often seen in high-end design magazines.

An overhead gantry made from a classic car chassis was proposed, allowing views down over the vehicles. A hydraulic lift was also incorporated into the design to raise a chosen car up into the upstairs space. Here the client and guests would be able to watch films on a mounted television from the car. The client also wanted views from the proposed office space out across his garden and down to the river.

Layout of the proposed new space was very important and a lot of work was put into considering the client’s living style and how the garage would connect with the existing house.

‘Architecture through Construction – Construction through Architecture’