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The local authority runs a youth project for young offenders providing job training in construction. The brief was to use part of their site to help generate funds and so we came up with a concept that would also support and be integrated into their training scheme.

The master plan concept is inspired by the Woonerf or Living Street, the shared outside spaces are integrated between pedestrian, cyclists and vehicles so none have priority over the other and all users must cooperate to move safely, and creating a far more organic urban environment.

It includes a mixture of open market houses and social housing to be built as part of the training projects run by the association. There is also ‘halfway house’ apartments and a hostel to provide accommodation for homeless youths and young offenders starting to integrate themselves into the community.

The site is heavily tree lined and the layout addresses this by setting the houses within the existing open spaces between the trees. The scheme includes a CSH level 4 benchmark house, a CSH level 6 showcase unit and a Passivehaus showcase unit.

‘Architecture Through Construction – Construction through Architecture’