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 Ashill Residential Development


Seven open market bungalows

This scheme for seven bungalows along Hale Road was approved and is currently under construction by Clayland Homes. After discussion with the local authority a scheme was devised to follow the linear nature of the existing street pattern on that side of the road, rather than imitating the estate patterns of the opposite side of the street. There was no social housing provision required for this development, providing seven open market bungalows which have been designed in great detail to maximise the allowable living space for a 100% open market scheme of this scale. The site is well connected to nearby key village services. The presence of a extensive footpath network opposite the site mean key facilities are easily and safely accessed on foot. The further provision of a footpath, as part of the scheme, connecting the site to the Community Centre enhances this network.

Public transport links are available opposite the site providing access to larger services centres and facilities.  The scheme would contribute to the rural community and should be considered sustainable.

‘Architecture through Construction – Construction through Architecture’